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Who is Liberty Partnerships

Fostering Growth for the Future

Liberty Partnerships Program was established in 1988 to address the growing dropout rate among New York State’s youth. Since then, the program has been a key component in local communities connecting students with higher education institutions and providing a haven for personal and educational development for students. LPP continues to foster students’ educational needs, and also supports personal social skills, preparing students for higher education or the competitive nature of the workplace.

Impacting Lives since 1988

We believe that every alumni story is worth sharing. From grade school to the workplace, we know the skills learned during your time with Liberty Partnerships translate to success. Submit your story of growth, discovery, and the long-lasting effects that being part of Liberty have had on your life.

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Alumni Spotlight

Starting in 1988, Liberty Partnerships has encouraged students to be the best version of themselves. Since then, many have gone on to develop into hardworking and responsible community members following their ambitions. See our alumni’s stories, and the long-lasting impact that Liberty Partnerships has had on their lives.