Kevin Cook

University of Buffalo Liberty Partnerships Program Alumni

I graduated McKinley Vocational High School June of 2008. I believe this is correct it was the same time as Augustine if the dates don’t match.

I am currently living in Houston, TX with my wife and two children. I am working as an Business analyst for Cigna Medicare.

I got involved with Liberty Partnerships around the end of 8th grade year at school #31. It was the summer before my freshman year of high school. I was asked to attend the program for the summer by a teacher named whose name I cannot recall. I was told I would get the opportunity to learn new things, go on field trips and even earn a stipend. Who could say no to that experience?

Wow, where do I began Liberty Partnerships has shaped my life in the classroom many of ways. 1. By offering me the extra help for class courses I struggled in. If I didn’t quite grasp the concept of Chemistry or Algebra during school hours I had somewhere to come and get the help at the program after school. 2. Offering me courses I may not have been exposed to during my usual courses at school ie film study or music industry insight. Liberty also offered accredited college courses to give me insight on what the workload would be like on pursuing the next level of education. Liberty has not only done those things but also guided me every step of the way during my college application process in to which I attended Shaw University the first HBCU of the south and exposed me to college campus life prior. From various field trips to the colleges/universities within the SUNY/CUNY college area. I believe the Liberty Partnerships Program was instrumental in showing and involving us in those things that interest us in pursuing a college degree.

Outside of the classroom liberty has given me countless life long friendships. A lot of my peers I attended the program with during my tenure I am still in contact with to this day. Not only that but Liberty has helped me with writing resumes to apply for jobs and identify what employers look for when reviewing them. Mock interviews for jobs and the list goes on. Liberty provides a safe haven away from home to students who can come and not only express themselves but engage in opportunities they may not be afforded without the program. From volunteering and Community service projects to fun events like broadway plays and Darian Lake liberty does it all.

The advice that I would give current students in the program would be to get involved, participate and take advantage of the countless opportunities the program provides. Continue to make memories, life long friendships and be mindful of your future as Liberty is a great tool to help shape you into your future self. Lastly I would also challenge them to find a mentor.