Tramar Wallace

Le Moyne College Liberty Partnerships Program Alumni

I attended Nottingham High School and I graduated in 2018.

I am currently a sophomore studying Criminal Justice with a minor sociology at SUNY Oswego. I am also a Fashion Consultant at Oswego and hold the position of Building Manager for Campus Life at Oswego.

I became involved in LPP as sophomore when I transferred to Nottingham. I went out on my out and sought out tutoring and other regents help.

My favorite part about LPP was the summer program because I was able to meet people from other schools and do different programs that were scheduled. The most interesting thing I like about the program is that I was able to go New York City for the first time.

I believe that LPP has helped me build a structure for myself as a student and also knowing that there is support with anything you do in life, it’s on you and the decisions you choose.

The one thing I am most proud of myself is that I am able to be in position to break barriers in my family and being able to be a positive representation of the youth in Syracuse.

The advice I give to current students is to use the resources around you, take what you believe is yours, and never use fear as a barrier to your success.