As Liberty counselors, Advocacy Day is our favorite enrichment event to engage our Liberty students in. This event provides students with a comprehensive experience learning about government, leadership, and law. Students who attend Advocacy Day are selected based on their interest, participation within the Liberty program, grades, and their commitment to improving their school and community.
Advocacy day provides Liberty students with first-hand experience in the New York State (NYS) legislative process. Students are offered an opportunity to meet one-on-one with their state Assembly and Senate representatives- where they engage in discourse while obtaining knowledge regarding the importance of being involved and contributing members of their local and state communities. Both the representatives and students are eager to listen and learn from each other’s experiences. Students learn about the dynamics of the NYS government, in particular, the complexities within the NYS budget process and how that impacts public education funding streams throughout the state. The students discuss with their representatives the importance of advocating for equity and how this can have an impact on their school and educational experience.
Additionally, students are invited onto the Assembly floor and receive a formal introduction by the Assembly Speaker. While in the Capitol building, students take part in a Capitol tour viewing the Senate Chambers, Governor’s Hall, The Red Room, the press rooms, and witnessing lobbying and advocacy demonstrations in action. The impact of Advocacy Day does not end when leaving our state’s Capital. Students are reminded of their important visit by receiving photos and letters from legislators thanking them for their interest and time in Albany. Such a small gesture has a powerful, empowering, and lasting impact on the Liberty students.
– Binghamton High School Liberty Counselor’s – Autumn and Nick

Advocacy Day – A Full Experience of Government, Leadership, and Law
Liberty counselors ensure students who attend Advocacy Day in Albany, NY are provided with a comprehensive experience that includes youth in government and college access. The Advocacy Day trip includes a full college tour of Albany School of Law where students are greeted by the law school dean, receive a networking lunch with faculty and admissions staff, participate in a mock law class with a faculty member with break-out opportunities, and receive a tour of the school and campus. After exploring the law school students are then taken to the Capitol building where they engaged in an interactive tour learning about the state’s history and significance of symbols, artifacts, and the impact past and present state leaders have had across local, state, national, and international levels.