TOWN OF AMSTERDAM — Through grant funds, Amsterdam High School created a food pantry to ensure its students are receiving proper nutrition to perform well in their studies and outside of the classroom.

Hannaford Supermarkets announced in November $296,000 was donated to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York to create 33 food pantries across the state in schools. Amsterdam High School was a recipient of the funds with $10,000 for the current academic year and another $5,000 for 2020-21.

Funds granted to the schools are used to cover the cost for foods stocked at their in-school pantries by the Regional Food Bank. The donation is one component of an overall $1 million commitment from Hannaford through its new “Fuel Kids at School” program, which addresses food insecurity and helps improve access to fresh and healthy foods in schools across New York State and New England.

“The goal of the school pantry program is to really reach kids where they are,” Betsy Dickson, director of children’s’ programs at the Regional Food Banks said. “Kids are at school they are learning. It’s a safe environment, it’s a productive and healthy environment and to be able to capitalize on those good relationships to provide them food for outside of the school day, whether it be for an emergency bag for one night or food for the weekend.”