Keysha Matos

Multiple LPPs LPP

What year did you graduate high school?

What is the name of the school you attended?
Greece Olympia, Monroe Community College, St. John Fisher College

What are you up to now?
I have graduated early with my Bachelors in Science and have become a Registered Nurse

How did you get involved with Liberty Partnerships?
An after school meeting with Miss Waters, Mr. King, & Miss Maye

What are some of your favorite activities/programs that you did through Liberty Partnerships?
College Trips helped me decide where I wanted to go after high school, after school programs that were work shops that helped us apply for scholarships. During these work shops we were also able to gain skills (interviewing, stress management, ect.). These skills and more I still use today.

Describe how Liberty partnerships shaped your life both in and out of classroom?
LPP shaped my life in the classroom in different ways such as they showed me how to organize my time effectively, they helped me develop leadership skills, and provided an outlet for us to not only learn new skills that we’re not being taught in our regular classes but opportunities to meet people outside of our classes such as leaders in our community. Due to this as well as the welcoming and positive attitudes that the LPP staff have has allowed me to develop into the leader I am today. Before entering the LPP program I was not aware of my abilities. This program has helped me bloom and evolve by practicing interviewing techniques and obtaining a job thanks to those skills. Overall the LPP program allowed me to truly flourish in school not only acedémosle due to the workshops but also out of the classroom by developing leadership skills I can use in our community.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of how far I have come due to all of the support, encouragement, positivity, skills and love that I have received from the LPP program and it’s staff! Because of them believing in me and helping me develop multiple skills I have been able to graduate college and become a nurse which has always been my dream.

What advice do you have for current students?
Stay focused and believe in yourself. No matter what obstacles comes your way stay strong and believe in yourself because everything seems imposible until it’s done!