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Being a member of the LPP Lens Facebook group makes you part of a community of people that believe in lasting change for the children and students of New York State. Here we will share our love for photography along with information and stories about the people and places that make up our Liberty family. Find joy and inspiration daily, and be part of LPP Lens!

How it works

Join and share our Facebook group: LPP Lens 30 Day Photo Challenge. When you join our Facebook group, you’re joining an online community of change-makers dedicated to bettering educational outcomes for all New Yorkers. You’ll have access to inspirational stories and feel-good content, as well as facts, stats and info about your local LPP program and how you can make a difference in your community.

Every day a new prompt will be posted to the Facebook group, and members will be asked to share photos to the LPP Lens 30 Day Photo Challenge Facebook group that relate to or are inspired by the prompt.

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About Liberty Partnerships

Liberty Partnerships Program was established in 1988 to address the growing dropout rate among New York State’s youth. LPP’s network of educators and social workers support the academic growth and interpersonal development of LPP students to set them up for success in higher education and the workplace. Since 1997, the dropout rate among LPP students has remained under 2 percent. The state-wide dropout rate in New York is currently at 16.6 percent.

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How else can I support LPP?

You can like and share our Facebook page or you can share the LPP Lens Challenge with your family and friends.

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