Chelsea Valentine

SUNY Cobleskill LPP

What year did you graduate high school?

What is the name of the school you attended?
Middleburgh HS & SUNY Cobleskill

What are you up to now?
Working for Microsoft Support and I work as a graphic design consult on the side.

How did you get involved with Liberty Partnerships?
At the beginning of high school I was placed in LPP and throughout my years in high school I continued to ask to be a part of this wonderful program.

What are some of your favorite activities/programs that you did through Liberty Partnerships?
I enjoyed traveling and seeing different colleges from all over. My most memorable moments where spending time with our advisors and the summer of 2012 where we went on a few trips, two of which were overnighters. We went to NYC to see a baseball game, whitewater rafting and we traveled out west to visit the museum of play, along with several college stops.

Describe how Liberty partnerships shaped your life both in and out of classroom?
This program had a major impact in my High School career. It kept me on track, focused and motivated to do better in my schooling. Which then lead to how I held myself through college and basically made me who I am when it comes to my work ethic.

What are you most proud of?
Learning how to do my best and staying driven.

What advice do you have for current students?
Trust in yourself and learn to make time for things that matter in life. Some of your friends may come and go but if you work on yourself to better yourself you will go far.