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The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is dedicated to the collaboration, design, and implementation of programming that creates new strategies that influence the way schools work and the way we treat students as active participants in their own learning. The LPP, in partnership with local schools, community, and institutions of higher education, administers programming that aligns with common core learning standards and regional workforce development strategies. These strategies and standards offer students multiple ways to master core skills for high school graduation, college and career readiness.



LPP Staff Partake in Professional Development Conference to Discuss New Contract and Project Teams

During an annual three-day conference in November 2012 Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) staff from across New York state assembled to develop plans to ensure Liberty’s continued success. At the Carey Conference Center in Rensselaerville, representatives from each LPP site met to discuss the program’s new contract, formation of project teams, and a focus on best practices moving forward into Liberty’s future.

As part of the 2012-2017 contract, five project teams have been created to further pursue the programs’ success in providing aid to the youth of New York State. Each project team, chaired and/or co-chaired by a program director has been created to refocus program activities in a way that reflects the best practices in the field. These project teams include: Academics/Common Core Standards, Personal Learning Plans, Case Management, Leadership & Civic Duty and Workforce Development. They are described as follows:

Academic Enrichment/ Common Core Standards

In 2011, the New York State Education Department increased the rigor of the Common Core Learning Standards for grades P-12. In response, LPP is committed to helping our students equipped for the new demands. The Academic/Common Core Standards project team will work to ensure that our students are prepared to meet these standards.

Personal Learning Plans

By developing learning plans with individual students, LPP staff will be able help them set personal goals based on their particular needs and ambitions. These multi-year plans will identify and layout the student’s individual educational and career goals.

Case Management

Since its formation in 1988, LPP has placed importance on providing case management services. This statewide case management team will work to call attention to effective techniques and services that prevent at risk students from dropping out of high school. By making this evidence-based research available to our individual programs, the case management team will provide information that will strengthen and support programming and services.

Leadership & Civic Duty

LPP values and therefore encourages strong leadership skills in our students. By exposing our students to new experiences, we hope to cultivate strong skills and an elevated self worth. Through civic duty, students are able to engage in activities that stimulate creativity, showcase their talents and promote leadership.

Workforce Development

In response to the Forum for Youth Investment’s researched conclusion that young people in the 21st century are not ready to work, LPP will continue its efforts to develop strategic plans within their regions. In addition, we will encourage our students to explore and expose them to careers that are currently in demand. Early exposure to these fields (such as engineering, technology and science) will begin the critical establishment of work readiness skills.

The Professional Development Conference provided an opportunity for the chairs of each team, usually spread out across New York State, to convene and brainstorm in order to successfully move forward with Liberty projects through our valued partnerships within our communities, tutoring and mentoring in after school or alternative school settings, and the application of project team organized programs we expect. Excitement is continually building as these project teams continue their efforts to improve Liberty’s valuable contributions to our youth.