Tutoring/Mentoring Project Team Members:

Theresa Bonito, Kemoy A. Briscoe, Patriace A. Cathey, Mary Pat Clark, Mary Hayes Gordon, Agnus Grant, Tracie Johnstone, Yicel Nata-Latif, Susan Repko (Chair), Doreen Saccamano (Marist faculty), and Nancy Wagner.


Mentoring and tutoring may be interconnected processes that involve promoting academic and social achievement, instilling positive values, beliefs and attittudes in children and adolescents. Mentoring and tutoring could be interrelated functions while working with our students. Tutoring is the direct and clearly defined work to support the students' acquisition of specific academic akills. Tutoring is for a particular purpose, narrow in scope with short-tem goals. Mentoring is the mroe indirect work that is attempting to instill positive attitudes, which will promote academic and personal achievement and participation. Mentors serve as wise and trusted counselors to others providing assistance which is broad in scope with long term goals.


We conducted a mentoring survey (28 respondents) and a tutoring survey (33 respondents). We reviewed and recommend the following sources for best practices: Elements fpr Effective Practice for Mentoring (Mentoring.org); Background Research: Tutoring Programs (University of Illinois); Best Practices for Tutoring Programs: A Guide to Quality (Saint Paul Public Schools Foundation). Click HERE to view the outline.

The team is now in the process of reviewing the research to learn what commonalities exist with LPPs. We will be able to recommend best practicies and identify LPPs who have strong tutoring/mentoring components.