12th Grade

  • I have created a master calendar of deadlines for college applications, test registrations and dates, scholarship applications, housing, and financial deadlines.
  • I have taken the SAT and/or ACT (preferably in the fall so that it can be taken again in the spring IF I feel I can improve my score.)
  • I have met with my guidance counselor and know I am on track to graduate on time.
  • I have visited all of the colleges I am interested in. If not possible, I've at least researched enough that I know their admissions requirements, deadlines, fees, etc.
  • I have applied to the colleges of my choice.
  • I have applied for at least one scholarship.
  • I have requested letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, coaches, etc.
  • I have submitted the FAFSA (after January 1, but as soon after as possible).
  • I have received notification from my colleges, have compared financial aid packages, and have made my final decision.
  • I have notified my colleges of my decision (acceptance and those I've declined).
  • I have paid any fees or deposits required of the college I've chosen (such as housing).
  • I have asked my school to send my final transcript to the college I've chosen.
  • I have completed the FAFSA process, including making any corrections, and have completed student loan applications, as necessary.
  • I have scheduled a physical with my doctor (if required by the college you'll be attending).

Congratulations... You Did It!

You're on your way to college and ready to start a new and exciting phase of your life. Good Luck.