Shaquasia Jackson

LPP alumni school:

Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program: Harlem Renaissance High School


I am in my Junior year at Mercy College. I am in between choosing between Social Work and Psychology as a Major

How did LPP help you when you were in High School?

When I was in High School, LPP helped me so much. They kept me on the right track to finishing high school and moving into college. They helped me appy to college, do Financial Aid and choosing the best school for my interest. They also helped me to mature into a young responsible adult.

What did you use LPP for in High School?

I used LPP for the amazing resources. I started off with volunteering, then a paid internship , and I learned to love everything they had to offer from SAT class to movie trips and summer programs .

What is your advice to other students at Vanguard as far as joining LPP?
My advice to students’ is to take full advantage of the program and the resources that it has to offer because they guide you in the right direction.  When you are lost and don’t know which way to go I did not know what I would be doing with my life after high school but thanks to LPP and they constant connection and follow up I am now succeeding in college.