Ryan Perry


SUNY Oneonta


Computer Science

What are you up to now?

I went to Unadilla Valley Central School in New Berlin, New York where I graduated with my regents diploma in 2002. In the fall, I attended college at Mohawk Valley Community college. I majored in electrical engineering and failed out my first year. The following year, with the loving support of my family, I enrolled at SUNY Morrisville and went to classes at the Norwich campus. I graduated from there with my associates degree in Business Administration in 2006. Shortly after I landed a job at the Raymond Corporation in Greene, NY. I worked third shift on their small parts fabrication line creating parts for the Raymond Fork-trucks. After being there for three and a half years I quit my job during the recession of the economy and decided to go back to college for my bachelors degree. I got accepted to SUNY Oneonta, in 2010, where I am currently majoring in Computer Science and I am looking to graduate shortly.

I first started Liberty partnership in the summer of 1996 and continued it all up until graduating high school. I began as a participant of the program in middle school, then became a peer leader in high school. Even while attending Morrisville, I was still able to actively participate in the program. Throughout my time with the program we did so many fun activities and games, I never wanted my summer to end. The group went on dozens of field trips and retreats all year long. One thing I will never forget was all the new friendships I made. There were so many new people and faces, everyone was very friendly that you wanted to just meet and get to know them all. The group taught me self confidence and how to work in a positive way with others. The experiences the Liberty Partnership shared, will last me a lifetime. To this day I still keep in contact with people who I was in the group with.

I leave you with this one thought, no matter where you go or what you do in life, don't feel that it's a race to get where you are going. Some people never know what they want to do, I've changed my college major over ten times and have been enrolled in three colleges for almost eight years. And finally after being graduated from high school for over ten years, I know what I want to do.