Nathaniel Brown, Esq.

LPP Alumni School

Edison H.S, Queens, NY - through Queensborough Community College.


Queens College 2001, Howard University School of Law 2007


B.A Media studies / Juris Doctorate (J.D) in Law

What did you get out of your time with Liberty Partnership?

I was always a student who valued education. I grew up in a single family home in Hollis, Queens. Because this program would bring in speakers of various professions, I was made aware of career paths that I never knew existed or never believed I was good enough to achieve. Growing up, I never thought that I was good enough or smart enough to ever become a lawyer but today I am a lawyer and that’s because there were people in the Liberty Partnerships Program who taught me to believe and dream bigger. Of course it wasn’t easy getting here but I worked hard and made sacrifices to achieve this.
The Liberty Partnerships Program was and still is a great program for school aged young adults. The staff at the Queensborough Community College campus is extremely dedicated to the educational and personal needs of the students. The various workshops that I participated in taught me to dream bigger and to be active in my own success as a student. At this stage in my life, I have been to different cities and met many types of people. It is unfortunate that many places do not offer enrichment programs and educational services like the Liberty Partnerships Program. When young adults do not receive the guidance they needed during the key stages in their life, often they grow up and feel lost and hopeless. Some never had the encouragement from family or their school system to understand the importance of education and to believe that they can achieve success. I appreciate the importance of this program more now because I have seen the negative consequences in places where similar services are not provided. The Liberty Partnerships Program is so important because it helps fill that void if the encouragement is not present elsewhere in a young adults life.

What are you up to now?

Currently, I am residing in Queens, NY returning after leaving New York for 5 years between school and work endeavors. I am a solo practitioner handling general legal matters. I also work as a contract attorney and work on large litigation projects. While living in Miami, I worked as a prosecutor. Separate from work I take time out to enjoy nature and various social activities.