Lucia Milonas

LPP alumni school:

Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program: Vanguard High School


I am currently attending Mercy College and majoring in business. I am hoping to do one more semester there and I am currently working on my application to transfer to Johnson and Wales to study culinary arts and food service management. 

How did LPP help you when you were in High School?

LPP was fun! It was great to have someone to talk to and have people to help you focus on your schoolwork and homework. LPP also helped to give me a better perspective about college. It was helpful for me to talk people who have been through college and were able to give me advice. 

What did you use LPP for in High School?
LPP was great for homework help and especially during PBA time. PBA's (Performance Based Assessment) is Vanguard's way of testing how well we know the material and the presentations require a lot of work. I was able to go into the LPP office to help me focus and complete my PBAs. I also saw a Social Work intern through the LPP program for counseling. It was helpful to have someone to talk to and I formed a great relationship with her and the program coordinator. LPP was also a big help with the college application process. I am actually still using LPP's service since I came back and asked for help with another application to transfer to Johnson and Wales. 

What is your advice to other students at Vanguard as far as joining LPP?
You should do it. It's fun and you learn a lot! The office is a very good atmosphere and everyone there has a great attitude and is able to help you with whatever you need.