Jai'Quan Caesar

LPP Alumni School

Binghamton University Liberty Partnerships Program @ Binghamton High School Class of 2012 


Binghamton University


Major: Graphic Design   Minor: Photography

What are you up to now?

Jai'Quan is currently in his freshman year at Binghamton University.  He is preparing to take advantage of an opportunity to study abroad in Japan in his coming years as a college student.  Jai'Quan is preparing himself for a career on the world scale; taking the initiative to be multilingual, learning mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish in addition to his native English language.   Jai'Quan continues to be involved with BU/LPP through mentoring and volunteer opportunities provided by BHS LPP students, most recently playing the role of "Chuckie" on the piano at Benjamin Franklin Elementary's 2012 annual Haunted House.