Read the New York State Education Department Liberty Partnerships Program 2013-2014 Independent Evaluation Report


Evaluation of Liberty Partnerships Programs provides information about whether LPP students are remaining in school, which characteristics of our LPP programs are most effective, and for which students and under what conditions.

LPP uses an excel-based reporting system to collect extensive data about individual LPP students, their activities while in LPP and for departure from the program. Evaluators have revised this reporting tool so that the data are now more accessible to individual programs for meeting state reporting requirements as well as to provide an overall statewide picture of LPP programs. In order to document the unique activities that occur at each site and further contextualize student experiences and outcomes, additional information about each program is collected using survey completed by each Program Director.

This LPP evaluation is providing a critical external perspective that will not only help each individual program enhance their activities, but also inform the field of dropout prevention. Because the evaluators have extensive experience with program design, evaluation and research, they are able to work collaboratively with LPP to assure the evaluation and research is both informative and functional. To further strengthen this link between program/practice and evaluation/research, LPP has established an evaluation committee comprised of Program Directors. This group is working closely with the external evaluators to assure the design and conduct of the work is relevant for meeting the statewide goals of Liberty Partnerships Programs.

The evaluators began by examining data collected during 2010-2011. Data from the 2010 – 2011 LPP program evaluation revealed a variety of compelling results. Some of the more salient outcomes from the evaluation include:

Over 9,500 middle and high school students who are at-risk for dropping out of school in New York State received services through LPP.

New York LPP programs provided over 800,000 hours of support service, with over 215,000 hours of support focused on providing academic immersion.

Other activities ranged from providing college and career readiness skills to introducing LPP students to a variety of cultural enrichment activities.

6,291 LPP students in grades of 5 and 11 (95%) advanced to the next grade level after 2010-2011.

1,487 of the LPP High School seniors (93%) graduated high school.

Many LPP program directors reported that they were especially successful at fostering mentoring/tutoring programs and creating strong collaborations with college faculty & students.