Corrine Spencer

LPP Alumni School

Susquehanna Valley Jr./Sr. High School


St. Louis Community College, SUNY Potsdam, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Academic and Professional Writing and TESOL (BA), Applied Linguistics in TESOL (MA)

What did you get out of your time with Liberty Partnership?

For me, Liberty was a life changing opportunity. As one of the first students to go through the program at SV, our program was constantly growing and changing. Through LPP, I was able to get the tutoring I needed in some courses, but more importantly, the mentors and program director provided me with motivation-something that had been lacking. Although sometimes the motivation was the destruction of my free-time, which I wasn't always appreciative of then, but I sure am now! Through community activities, such as our trips to the ropes course at the Cayuga Nature Center, and more individualized programs like the anger management seminar I was dragged to after some "incidents," I learned valuable life skills that led me down the path I'm on today, which is a very different path than the one I started on. Despite my somewhat "difficult" personality as a teenager, the program worked with me, and accomplished much via guidance and support of my academic skills, as well as my personal well-being. Liberty opened doors to me that I had not considered, and allowed me to explore the idea of college, even though neither of my parents had attended at the time. Liberty helped my family learn about some of the financial aid and scholarships available to me, and they even took me to meet professors at my preferred school, and now alma, on the other side of the state. I would not be who I am now without my time in Liberty.

What are you up to now?

I joined the Binghamton University ESL Program faculty as a full-time instructor in August 2012 after spending a year teaching with the University of Iowa.