Andra Kenner, Jr


Syracuse University


Information Management & Technology

What are you up to now?

My current employer is Say Yes to Education in Syracuse. My time with Liberty Partnerships was more than just a program experience. It was a life lesson. It helped shaped the man I am today with guidance, structure, and other great qualities such as time management and self-respect. I walked into Liberty looking to learn and with that vision I completed that and more. I started with Mr. Ramone Alexander in elementary school at Harriet Tubman School #31. I was able to learn that life was more than just having fun and going to school. I learned that I could do anything I wanted as long as I put my mind to it.

I went on various college tours where not only was I never hungry but I was never in need of anything. They treated us as their own kids with the qualities and tools they embedded in us. I learned to respect myself and accept who I am regardless of what people say or think about you especially as an African American male in today's society. I never thought attending a college where tuition was $50,000+. But with diligence and the hard work Mr Ramone Alexander and the rest of the Liberty Partnership allowed me to demonstrate and pushed me to put forth, I was able to reach my dreams.

There were plenty of times I thought of not doing my work and just going to have fun or do whatever but Liberty showed me that though I may not want to, I have to do what I have to do to get to where I want to be in life. I am now 21 years old and the various experiences I had with Liberty and the people I not only was introduced to, but the friends I met then are still my best friends today. I say this with every emotion I have, I would not be where I am in life without Liberty Partnerships and the things they instilled in me.

Today in my life I am about to graduate from Syracuse University with a bachelors degree in Information Management Technology. I have also always been a music artist and most recently I released my 4th CD but first project on iTunes. I have been blessed with an opportunity to meet so many new friends and connections which led to signing a record deal with the University. I have access to record music at a grammy certified studio whenever need be. I have recently opened for YMCMB's artist TYGA who is signed to Lil Wayne in front of 1,300 people. I have performed in the Carrier Dome for the Relay for Life event and various places in the city of Syracuse such as Spark Art Space and Schine Underground. I have been able to have my own radio show at the University to play unsigned artists music. I am working on advancing my music to various college radios and to major record labels. Honestly when I reach my final dream of having a degree and the record deal I want I will remember where I received my stability and the determination to push through no matter what which is from…Liberty Partnerships Program.