Liberty has had many success stories over the years, and we truly take pride in each and every student who we’ve worked with towards conquering all odds. We have taken the time to get some responses from some of our past Liberty students to see how the program has enriched and changed their lives. We would like to highlight their successes to show schools, administrators, and the overall community the positive impact they make on each and every student we help. The road may have not been easy, but along the way we have many success stories that makes what we do worthwhile.

We invite you to take a tour through our Alumni section to see how Liberty is changing the world one student at a time.


Nathaniel Brown, Esq. Nashay Williams Kara Palmer
Jai'Quan Caesar Alex D. Santana Niquane Smith
Andra Kenner, Jr Joshua Hampton Tyshawn Alexander
Corrine Spencer Augustine Queener Kate Woods
Destiny Johnson Isaiah Brown Ryan Perry
Donna Prentice Lamar Hathaway Burton Mault
Kendra Morrison Chavez Gibbes Isha Hamilton
Dakir Thompson Akech Malual Michael Cornell
Heather Crandall Alexis Rodney Stephanie Carpenter
Phyllis Taylor Shaquasia Jackson Bernard Carter
Jayde Chilson Austin Terry Chelsea Murphy
Lindsey Anderssen Lucia Milonas Choo Lifa
Chris Courts Matt Walker Brenton Tremark
James Bedrin Brittany Davis Zach Hatch
Taz Patchen Joyette Walton Laura Knight
Santana Swan Aimee Matzo