Alex D. Santana

LPP Alumni School

Hostos Lincoln Academy of Science 2007


Syracuse University 2012


B.A. English/ B.A. Psychology

What did you get out of your time with Liberty Partnership?

When I think about my experience with Liberty Partnership, several things come to mind; friendships, mentors, new experiences, opportunities, ambition, expression, life and people skills. Having recently graduated from Syracuse University, I truly feel my success in my undergraduate degrees would not have be possible without the support of my family as well as the positive and fulfilling experience with Liberty Partnership.  Born and raised in the Bronx, I was taught at an early age that I had to be diligent in my efforts to attain a strong and purposeful education.  Without this foundation, I would not be able to prove myself or get anywhere in life.

Before high school, I found my academic work to be easy, but that changed when I entered high school. I started to feel challenged as a new sense of nervousness enveloped me, due to the increase social pressures associated with being a high school student. Even with the strong family support that surrounded me, I still felt overwhelmed. There was even a point when I felt that I would not graduate high school. Through my involvement with Liberty Partnership, this negative perception I once had, slowly but surely changed.

Liberty Partnerships helped me gain confidence and encouraged me to do my best. By providing a safe, fun place to do school work, fun artistic and academic classes, and several opportunities to hear speakers from multiple fields, and attend trips, I was able to excel.  These opportunities helped me develop my understanding of multiple levels of government, develop my public speaking skills and exposed me to some great experiences - such as meeting Congressman Jose Serrano and Poet Willie Perdomo. They inspired me to believe that I could do anything. 

Liberty Partnerships at Hostos Community College continues to provide excellent service to their students.  I see that the most important services they provide are encouragement and sense of belonging. They construct an environment filled with a variety of opportunities for underprivileged students to take advantage of.  In this way, future leaders can develop valuable experience and continue to be inspired to their future endeavors.  Their influence on young adults in New York City public schools continues to flourish even years after my participation in the program.

What are you up to now?

Seeing as how this program has been such a positive experience for me, I find it necessary to give back to my community. I am currently working with Liberty Partnership at Hostos Community College in order to provide current high school students the same positive experience that was given to me. Liberty Partnerships continues to support my education, and by continuing to guide my efforts to enter into graduate school.  I am planning to go back to college to either study social work or psychology. I can truly say that my life would not be the same if it were not for the tireless efforts of everyone I have worked with at Liberty Partnership.