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Binghamton University

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Eli Prosper,
Binghamton University Liberty Partnerships Alum
Graduation Class of 2012

Years in Liberty: The first encounter that I can remember with Liberty Partnership was as a student at East Middle School. I believe that I began the program during the 7th grade with Mr. Cole, Mr. Andre, and Mr. Dan. College: I am a graduate of Ohio Christian University. A small school in southern Ohio, about 45 minutes south of Columbus, Oh. The school had about 450 students on campus and approximately 4,500 students online. I graduated from this University with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management & Business.

Current profession: Currently I am serving as a Team Leader in the educational non-profit organization known as City Year in Philadelphia. City Year is an organization dedicated to lowering the drop-out rate throughout the United States. City Year has 28 sites across the nation and including three international sites in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Positive quote: “To plant the seed of the tree, even if you won’t be able to sit under its shade.” I use this quote as a reminder to myself that all my past mentors have spent hours of investing their time, resources, and currency with nothing to base their investment off of but hope. Hope that I would graduate high school, hope that I would excel through college, and hope that I would become a functional and active citizen in today’s society. Without that investment and without that blind faith that I would turn out be a functioning member in our society, as the saying goes “I would not be where I am today.” Liberty Partnerships provided me with some of those mentors, and even though I don’t spend any time with them now, I hope that they would be proud of the strong “tree” that they assisted in planting all those years ago.

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Marist College

Isis Benitez
Marist College Student, Class of 2020
Marist College LPP Tutor
Marist College LPP Graduate, Class of 2016

I have been in the Liberty Partnerships Program since I was in seventh grade. I am now a sophomore at Marist College. Marist College Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) has helped me in different ways.

I have always been a good student in school, LPP helped me get better grades. Over time, LPP became my second family thanks to the Poughkeepsie Site Coordinator and the Director. They took me under their wings and they mentored me. They helped me better myself as a person.

LPP is a program that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Between the tutoring and the family feel, I would never give this up. I met my best friend in the program, went on many college tours, and got extra help on my homework. I lost one of the most important people in my life my senior year and the Liberty program helped me get through it. I was able to talk to some tutors about it and my friends. Liberty helped me get through the rest of my year with amazing grades. For me to be a student in the program to being a tutor to a summer helper and back to a tutor and so on, I wouldn't wish to work anywhere else. I will forever be a Liberty Student Taking Action Ready for Success (S.T.A.R.)! “

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State University of New York at Buffalo

Aqeelah Howard
UB LPP Class of 2017 Graduate

“UB LPP is the reason why I'm able to attend the University at Buffalo. They were able to not only guide me through the college application process but also connect me with very helpful people here at UB. Without LPP, I would not be where I am today.”