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Binghamton University

The Binghamton University Liberty Partnerships Program (BU/LPP) provides support services for 360 students each year in cooperation with the Binghamton, Susquehanna Valley, Owego Apalachin and Union-Endicott Central School Districts. The BU/LPP places full-time, dedicated staff members in the participating school districts to work directly with identified youth. In addition to the full-time staff, Binghamton University graduate and undergraduate students serve as tutors and mentors and many more complete internships and practicums in the BU/LPP to fulfill degree requirements, volunteering hundreds of hours of community service each semester.

Our Mission: We are dedicated to providing individualized and group services in a safe and encouraging environment in order to help each and every student overcome obstacles and reach their fullest potential by creating academic, social and emotional goals.

Our Vision: We desire to be an elite program that is an integral part of the fabric of every school. We will work to ensure that the importance of each student is recognized. We will communicate and demonstrate our commitment for each student. As a result, each student will feel that he or she is valued as a member of the program.

In an exemplary LPP program: Effective collaborations with school and community partners are maintained.
An individualized differentiated approach is used to support student success.
Each student and their family are provided the information, assistance, and support that enable him or her to develop personalized educational and career goals.
The social-emotional wellbeing and academic progress of each student are continually monitored, and appropriate services are initiated as needed.

Director, Amy Humphrey
humphrey@binghamton.edu | 607.777.4187

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SUNY Canton LPP Aerospace/Mechatronics Summer Camp

The camp is designed for and offered to middle and high school students (7th-10th grade primarily). LPP students have the opportunity to become exposed to many elements of the mechatronics and aeronautical engineering field, such as the history and design of aircraft, rockets, helicopters, and robots. Summer camp is a combination of freshman and returning students; the idea for this mix of students is to improve communication skills of the returning students by having them co-teach the freshman students and to introduce the sophomore students to mechatronics engineering technology.

Freshman students design and build paper planes, balsa airplanes, model rockets, design small cardboard paper wings, and build a remote control hovercraft using Styrofoam, tape, hot glue, popsicle sticks, and coat hangers, while the returning students build robots using VEX, learn about various electrical components (resistors, capacitors, sensors, etc.), learn how to solder, and learn how to program a microprocessor (i.e., Arduino) – all concepts associated with Mechatronics. On the final day of the camp, freshmen students fly their model rockets and race their hovercrafts outside and the sophomore students compete in a robotics competition. Other activities/projects that the students do includes: using a water tunnel to show flow patterns over objects, using iPads to make an iMovie about aeronautics, and using a remote control flight simulator to practice flying.

The purpose of this camp is to get students interested in engineering and engineering technology, and to help them understand the importance and values of engineering in the real world. Hopefully, throughout this process, we will recruit future students into the engineering disciplines at SUNY Canton. In particular, the new Mechatronics program that started this Fall.

For information contact:
Agnes Grant, Program Director
34 Cornell Drive, Canton, NY 13617